Here's a small selection of collector testimonials (outside of the thousands on Delcampe, eBay and HipStamp reviews) about their service experience and using the KoalaStamps website.

G'day mate, U did very well and very fast. Thanks so much for all, quality good and you don't have shares in sticky tape (my huge whine with some sellers) u do it so professional and we are very appreciative for your efforts.

January 2019 | Andrew and Kat

A real pleasure to deal with Rod. His shipments are always timely and the stamps always well protected. His selection is fantastic and the prices are some of the best around. I never make a purchase elsewhere without checking to see if Koala has them, and almost always find the best prices right here.

One of the best on the internet. Could not be happier or more secure in any internet purchase than I am in KoalaStamps.

Trustpilot, December 2017 | Eric Weil

I am a little late thanking you for the cool little giftie you sent along with my Solomon Islands skink stamp. Thank you so much Rod. I adore the magnifier and admit I didn't pay much attention to it at first believing it was merely to hold a stamp stiff while it traveled from one side of the world to the other. Functional for certain! It will live a long life in the front pocket of my purple binder holding all my treasured lizard postage stamps. And I will certainly keep my eye on your listings too. Hopefully to spend a bit more than I did on the Solomon Skink. Thank you again very much for the gift, very appreciated.

October 2017 | Anny

I just today had the chance to catch up on opening my stamp purchases and found your envelope. (Smiles) - (Claps hands excitedly) - (Jumps up and down a little bit) - (Okay, jumps up and down a lot) - I'm giddy! They are so beautiful and I am so grateful. You have filled my heart with the joy of a little girl who just got a pony! I searched for months for even a single one of these stamps. Here's why your gift is so extra precious and meaningful: My mother proposed to my father on their way home from Arkansas in the back of a pickup truck filled with huge amethyst cathedrals, clusters, and massive single points the size of a small child. They designed their wedding altar around a massive point that was lit from beneath with a strong halogen bulb, and in her hair, my mother had a "crown" (sort-of-thing) of smaller amethysts that were lit from within with tiny LED's. Needless to say, amethysts are significant to my family. I am making my father an anniversary card, which I have done every year since my mother passed away. Having recently become very interested in stamps, I thought it would be fun to look for some that would 'relate to her' for his envelope. I was able to find beautiful angel stamps from St. Helena (her name), and dolphin stamps from Ascension Island (we swam with wild dolphins every summer on family vacation), your amethysts are the most exquisite cherry on top and I believe he may weep upon seeing them. I wept when I saw them. I wanted to find a few more so I could make a card for my grandmother and my sister. Your gift of extras - it's almost magical or Heavenly. This may be the most wonderful blessing you ever unwittingly bestowed, you kind, kind man. My sincere apologies for not writing immediately to let you know they arrived safely. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

September 2017 | Mignon

I have found several stamps on this site that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Prices are reasonable and the service is fast and excellent. I recommend this dealer A1+

Trustpilot, April 2017 | Graham Hawk

In a nutshell, the website is simple and user friendly with lots of information about the content. The best thing I liked is the detailed description of the country information at the beginning of a particular listing, this gives a more promising look and indulges the visitor/buyer to the website. The 3 links provided is rightly named and adds to a more friendly experience. The postage charge is reasonable and the free postage above the threshold is a good offering. The blog is a much added tool which is missing in many of the stamps trade websites, well more content would be always a welcome thing. Overall, I personally liked it and wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours.

Stamp Community, January 2017 | scinde_dawk

I've visited your site several times before looking for stamps of Korea. I find the detailed descriptions with each stamp (esp. the SC#) helpful. I have a 2-vol Korean album I purchased when in Korea. Its layout is very confusing. Your full descriptions are a big help.

Stamp Community, January 2017 | oldguy

Kudos for the modern, responsive design. Overall, the site design is clean and professional; navigation and performance is good. The cross referencing between stamps 'by country' and 'topical' is nicely done. The interactive map lookup at the bottom is slick. From an SEO standpoint your site appears to have good meta data on most pages.

Stamp Community, January 2017 | 51studebaker

I think the site looks very nice, and is easy to navigate. I appreciate that you took the time to add the additional information for each stamp so that searches turned up useful results. (I like being able to look at all KGV stamps with one search query.) I'm generally buying used stamps based on the cancel, and when I'm buying mint singles I'm generally looking to upgrade the centering on examples where I have a set that has one or two duds. Your scans are good for both of those pursuits.

Stamp Community, January 2017 | Cjd