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First Stamp of the Solomon Islands
First Stamp of the Solomon Islands

The first mail was sent from the British Solomon Islands via the resident commissioner in 1896. Stamps of New South Wales were used and mail was cancelled in Sydney. The first stamps were issued in 1907, concurrent with the opening of the first post office. Until 1911, when the British Solomon Islands joined the UPU, the stamps were valid for domestic mail only. International mail required additional franking with New South Wales stamps. The first issues, in 1907 and 1908, feature a local war canoe. Issues from 1913 and throughout use designs common to the British colonies, some larger pictorial sets with themes of local interest. The British Solomon Islands joined in a number of omnibus issues for the British Empire. Civil postal services came to a standstill after the Japanese occupation in 1942. The first post office was reopened in 1943.

In 1975 the first stamps were issued inscribed just ‘Solomon Islands’. Since independence, the Solomon Islands have issued a blend of stamps with themes of national interest and themes aimed at the thematic collectors market. [source: StampWorldHistory]