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People's Republic of China (PRC)

First stamp of PRC
First stamp of PRC

The Peoples Republic of China issued its first stamps in 1949. China has for years issued many stamps serving propaganda purposes. The more recent issues show a focus more on the cultural identity of the country. Special are the stamps issued at the start of the Cultural Revolution between 1966 and 1970. Many of these being images of Mao and his writings. The low numbers in which these stamps were issued combined with the high popularity of these issues have resulted in relatively high prices for the issues.  The Peoples Republic in 1972 replaces the Republic of China as member of the U.P.U. In general it can be said that where China has long been a somewhat neglected country on the collectors market it has gained in popularity worldwide and in China itself resulting over recent years in increased prices for Chinese stamps. [source: StampWorldHistory]