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First Stamp of PNG

The territories of New Guinea had their own postal history until WWII. In Papua, then British New Guinea, the first stamps used were the stamps of Queensland, from 1888 until the first stamps appeared for British New Guinea in 1901. These were superseded by the issues for the territory of Papua in 1906. In New Guinea, then German New Guinea, the first stamps used were the general issues of the German Empire, from 1888 until the first issues for German New Guinea appeared in 1897. These were superseded by Australian occupation issues, in 1914, and by the issues for the North West Pacific Islands in 1915. From 1925, stamps were issued for the mandated territory of New Guinea.

During WWII, civil postal services came to a standstill in both territories and after WWII stamps of Australi were used. Australian stamps were withdrawn in 1953, shortly after the first issue appeared for the united territory of Papua & New Guinea in 1952. The first set issued was a large pictorial set featuring scenes from traditional local life. Until today, Papua New Guinea has issued stamps that are a blend of themes of national interest and themes aimed at the thematic collectors market. [source: StampWorldHistory]