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First Stamp of Niue
First Stamp of Niue

The first stamps were issued for Niue in 1902, New Zealand stamps overprinted ‘Niue’ and a new face value in the native language. Overprints continued until the first definitives were issued in 1920. This set, and a subsequent set issued in 1927, are of the same design as concurrent issues for other New Zealand possessions in the area: Aitutaki, the Cook Islands and Penrhyn. In 1932 a set was issued with the same designs as a concurrent issue for the Cook Islands, the designation on the set was ‘Cook Islands – Niue’. Further overprints on New Zealand stamps follow, until, in 1950, a first set is issued with designs specific for Niue. As an associated state, Niue has issued significant numbers of stamps for the thematic collectors market. [source: StampWorldHistory]