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First Australian Commonwealth Stamp
First Stamp of Australia

The first issues of the Commonwealth were postage due stamps in 1902, probably because, of the individual states, only New South Wales and Victoria issued postage due stamps. In 1911 the postal rates were unified across the states and the state issues became valid for use in all of the Commonwealth. In 1913 the postage stamps of the individual states were superseded by the issues of the Commonwealth. The first set of stamps issued shows a kangaroo and the map of Australia. Also in 1913, the first stamps with the portrait of King George V were issued. The ‘Roos and the ‘KGVs, as the designs are called among collectors of Australia, are the signature designs of Australian stamps in the classical period. They have been issued across a period of over two decades in many varieties of colours, perforations, plates and watermarks – an ideal domain for specialists. In the modern era, Australia issued a blend of stamps with themes of national interest and themes aimed at the thematic collectors market. [source: StampWorldHistory, also see: Wikipedia]

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