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 Faroe Islands

Early Stamp of Faroe Islands
Stamp of Faroe Islands

The first stamps to be used on the Faroe Islands were the stamps of Denmark from 1870. On two occasions provisional stamps were issued on the Faroe Islands. First, in 1919, when shortages of the 2 øre stamps led to 5 øre stamps being overprinted with the 2 øre denomination. At the same time, 4 øre stamps were halved – these are collected on cover. All these provisionals rank in the high catalog value range. Provisionals were again issued, in 1940 and 1941, during the British occupation. Several stamps were overprinted with new denominations. These provisionals were used until after WWII. In 1945 the stamps of Denmark were once again available. Since 1975, the Faroe Islands have had their own stamp issuing policy. The Faroe Islands issue stamps with themes of national interest and themes aimed at the thematic collectors market. [source: StampWorldHistory]

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