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Early CR monogram issue
Early CR monogram

The first stamps were issued in Fiji by the Fiji Times, a news paper company, in 1870 – stamps of a basic design used for inter island mail, all with very high catalogue values. The Fiji Times issues were superseded by the first issues of the Fiji government in 1871, then the kingdom of Fiji. This first issue showed a ‘CR’ monogram for ‘Cakobau Rex'. The first issues of the colonial administration appeared in 1874, previous issues with an overprint reading ‘VR’ for ‘Victoria Regina'. More provisionals followed until, in 1879, the first definitives were issued in a design identical to the 1871 issue, only now with a ‘VR’ monogram.

The monogram issues were used until the first stamps were issued in designs common to the British colonies in 1903. The first large set of pictorials appeared in 1938, in a style common to the British colonies with themes specific for Fiji. Fiji joined in a number of omnibus issues for the British colonies. Since independence, Fiji issued a blend of stamps with themes of national interest and themes aimed at the thematic collectors market. [source: StampWorldHistory]